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I can't remeber the name of this guy..


Who sucks the most and why?  

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  1. 1. Who sucks the most and why?

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Was it Jim hana that use to help coach our offensive, if the name is right I think he use to be our offensive coordinator, 91 SB team? and was for the rams SB team, hell I could be wrong, you can throw tomatos now. lol, that was a long time ago for me and I didn't get alot of skins games here in arkansas so CBS that year was great for me and I could watch them and they were good but hell the 80s they were good and I use to watch them all the time. I love the skins.

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He was the o-line coach for the 1991 team

I think he is in retirement now, he was an old man

Dont forget Dan Henning The OC of Carolina he was in Dc during the gibbs era cant remeber when but i think it was twice he left for 3 years then came back. not sure though

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Hanifan isn't coaching anymore. Hasn't in quite some time.

I happened, by sheer chance, to meet his daughter a few years ago in Steamboat Springs CO. My wife and I decided to go on a sleigh ride dinner after skiing one night and the Dude Ranch just north of Steamboat that we went to is owned by his daughter and son-in-law. I didn't know this until we got there and saw pictures of her dad and the Redskins all over the building where we gathered before the dinner. I asked why there were pictures of Jim and the Redskins. That was when I found out. That was a great night! The food was incredible, we ate in an authentic teepee for 8 people (that was HUGE), and I was happy to have had a connection to the Redskins!

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I forget if it was Wayne Sevier or Jim Hanifan, but one of them from that era went on to coach in St. Louis and pased away. RIP.

Yes, that individual coached our O-Line to the best it was, but that started with Bugel before he got hired as the Head Coach of the Cardinals. The hogs were all in place ... Bostic, Lachey, Jacoby, Grimm, and McKenzie after May and Starke had retired or gone elsewhere. There was also a very durable blocking TE that knocked the stuff out of people named Don Warren.

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Jim Hanifan was a great o-line coach. Buges coached the Hogs, but Hanni took the same group plus a few others and had probably our second best line in 91/92 ever!

91/92 - wasn't that when we gave up only 9 sacks all year?

one could make a case that 91 was the greatest o-line ever

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Arguably the finest offensive line coach in the history of professional football, Jim Hanifan was born in Compton, CA, and attended Covina High School. After high school, he was recruited by the University of California-Berkeley, where he was an All-American end for the Golden Bears, leading the nation in receiving with 44 receptions for 569 yards and seven touchdowns in 1954. Upon completing his collegiate career, he played one season with the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League in 1955. His storied coaching career began when he took a position as assistant coach at Yuba Junior College from 1959 to 1961. He was named head coach at Charter Oak High School in Covina, CA, and served in that capacity for two seasons. He made the jump back to the junior college ranks in 1964-65, serving as the assistant coach at Glendale (CA) Junior College, before moving to the University of Utah from 1966- 69. He coordinated the passing game at his alma mater, California, in 1970-71, and then made the move south to San Diego as an offensive line coach at San Diego State in 1972. The NFL came calling in 1983, when Hanifan was hired as the offensive line coach for the St. Louis Cardinals. While with the Cardinals from 1973-78, he was named NFL Assistant Coach of the Year in 1977. Following a one-year tenure as assistant head coach/offensive line coach with the San Diego Chargers in 1979, Hanifan returned to St. Louis as the Cardinals’ head coach from 1980-85, and posted winning seasons from 1982-84. He was the Atlanta Falcons offensive line coach for three years (1987-89) before moving to the Washington Redskins (1990-96). He returned to St. Louis for the third time in 1997 to head up the Rams’ offensive line coaching duties. Hanifan was part of Super Bowl winners in Washington (1991) and St. Louis (1999). The Redskins allowed only nine sacks in 19 games during their Super Bowl run in 1991, and the Cardinals’ offensive lines allowed the fewest sacks in the NFL for five consecutive years from 1974-78. During his 31- year NFL career, Hanifan helped mold the careers of several of the greatest NFL offensive linemen of all time, including Dan Dierdorf, Conrad Dobler, and Bob Young of the St. Louis Cardinals, Russ Washington and Ed White of the San Diego Chargers, Joe Jacoby and Russ Grimm and the Washington Redskins’ famed “Hogs,” Bill Fralic and Mike Kenn of the Atlanta Falcons, and the St. Louis Rams’ Orlando Pace. Jim and his wife, Mariana, live in St. Charles, MO. They have one son, Jim, a daughter, Kathleen, son-in-law, Bill Hinder, and grand

get this guy back,lol if he is in a wheelchair, hell, get him lol

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This is incorrect Henning was the HC of the Chargers that year.:logo::logo::logo:

And I lived in San Diego in the early 90's and I remember all the Chargers fans ****ing about Hennings offense. They were saying exactly the same things a lot of us here have been saying about Gibbs offense over the past 2 seasons.

I think once we get enough of the right players and they get experience in the system it will work but San Diego ran Henning out of town before their offense was any good and then later they went to the SB.

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