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Charles Rogers???


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He's been either dinged up or had off the field issues ever since his arrival in Detroit. I know that he was a beast for the Spartans a few years back so there seems to be some talent there for sure. But judging by the few things I have heard about him I'm not sure that he fits the "charachter" mold that this team is looking for.

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I thought the Lions just gave him a huge contract, because I remember that annoucers said the lions gave him a long term contract even tho he was still unproven.

I haven't seen anything from him spectacular yet

I'm pretty sure that was Roy Williams you are thinking of. He's the only one of the three WR's that they have picked in the past few years that has shown a lot of promise. Rogers has all the measureables but there are questions about him getting dinged up and about his head. In a good situation he could be a real asset. If you watch any of his college highlights you'll know what I mean, and that was in the Big 10 too.

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how big is he?

could he be the big possession #2 reciever that we need?

So many questions..............so little time............

He's about 6'4, 220, but still kinda lanky. Was about as can't miss a prospect at the WR spot when he came out of the draft. I thought about this scenario during the season and think it would be a worth a shot. He needs better leadership in his life then Millen and the crap shoot of coaches they gave him. Gibbs could be that guy. A change in scenary might do him good. He'd be the perfect compliment physically/skills wise to Moss. Not sure where his head is at though.

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