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New O.C. Benefits who the most????


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I want to start by saying that I love this move so much, I think it will help Joe Gibbs fulfill his 5 yr contract and make our offense much improved!!

I think we will change some blocing schemes to adjust to Al's running style as it will benefit our personnel better!!! So I think the obvious pick is Portis will benefit the most, as long as Joe gives Al some creative freedom.

But, I am looking at Chris Cooley as the guy who benefits from this signing the most Tony Gonzalez is very gifted but I do think Physically Cooley can do what he has done for his whole career. I really like how KC has had no WR's for the past five years, I can see Al right now Joe your # 2 WR's here are better than my ones in KC.

Santana Moss gives something that Al has not had yet a respected deep threat and a true #1 WR, I truly believe that with Portis being an equal to his previous RB's and Cooley being darn close to his past TE the bonus of having Moss is going to be huge for Portis and Cooley. I look for these three different levels to really feed off of each other look for Portis, Cooley, Moss to post huge numbers next year can you imagine a top three offensive and defensive unit!!!!!!!!


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