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Thoughts from chiefs fans.


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"Dan Snyder is a raving lunatic when it comes paying his coaching staff. Wow.

Too bad the Redskins, with Williams and Saunders, are going to become the team I wanted the Chiefs to be."

"Well thats that....glad he didnt go to oakland. washington has major potential now!"

"Say what you want about Dan Synder, but he's assembled a real coaching dream team."

"i don't cheer for any team but the chiefs ..... now i'm thinking of changing that.

i've even seen some segments that explain about Clinton Portis ... makes him seem like not that big of an a!*.

he's goofy as heck... but not a jerk like i thought after the championship belt thing. He wears all sorts of crap ... just being a dumba!* and having fun."

"If Saunders implements the zone blocking scheme that he used with Priest, Portis is going to tear sh*! up.

Also Ironic that Saunders get's his precious H-back in Chris Cooley, a guy drafted a full round later than our bum Kris Wilson."

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