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Detroit Lions trade


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Food for thought:

Has anyone thought about maybe the skins trying to trade Ramsey and Betts to the Lions for one of their 3 "bigger" receivers. The Lions would definately love a gunslinger like Ramsey... I know Betts is a FA, sign him, and trade him. I know its not that easy but possible. Also, Arrington could be used as trade bait with them too. Give us a Rogers or one of the Williams and a 2nd rounder for Ramsey and Arrington.

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i really think the arrington, ramsey for 2nd rounder and one of the williams is a legit, safe trade. Williams is a genius and the skins would be fine with clemons, McCune( even though he's mostly a middle backer) and holdman to fill arrington's place. I love Arrington and hope he just had an off season, but give us some Offense baby. Williams is the man and will be around for 7-8 more years. He will be fine without Arrington even though i hate to see him go. Ramsey is still a good QB.. watch. Put ST as a reciever too.HAHAHA

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1. Roy Williams is not going anywhere, unless we give up way to much.

2. Mike Williams had a very avg. rookie year and there are a ton of character issues. Such as showing up late for a ton of meetings and practices, so much the team joked he must like playing for free he racked up so many fines.

3. Charles Rogers is injury prone and has character issues.

4. Harrington may have just earned yet another shot in Mo-Town with the new staff.

5. Kevin Jones had a very good rookie year and a solid 2nd, when healthy, so why would they want Betts.

6. There D isn't the problem, when healthy they are a solid group, so Lavar's value goes down.

All in all Roy Williams is the only player I'd want but there are very good FA's that we won't have to give up anything to get.

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