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Santana Moss


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Without Moss, this year would have been WORSE than last year. We'd have a good defense (not as good as last year's though) and our offense would have been nonexistant. Thrash as the #1 and a couple practice squad guys as 2 and 3? We'd be a terrible team, and possibly the worst in the NFL.

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this is a dumber question then "lets trade lavar for a jedi lightsaber and cut up the opponents!1!1!!

You know, thats not a bad idea....

I wrote a thread on this a while back, that Santana should have been considered an MVP candidate. This is based on the idea that if you remove and MVP candidate from his team, and replace them with an above-average player in the league, how would the team have fared? If you replace Moss with, say, LC or Jerry Porter, where would we have finished? Not where we did, I can assure you of that.

As a side note, if you replace Shaun Alexander with Maruice Morris, how do the Seahawks do? Right. The real MVP should have been Steve Smith, IMHO. Santana should have been right there, though.

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