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Anyone pulling for Russ Grimm this Sunday


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Just wondering if any fans are pulling for Pittsburgh because Russ Grimm being the Steelers Assistant Head Coach / Offensive Line?

I definitely am going for the Steelers because:

1 Russ Grimm

2 Hines Ward is Half Korean like myself



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Why do so many hate the steelers?

Being from PA I'm surrounded by Steelers fans all I heard from years is how many Super Bowls they have and it got to the point that I started hating them. I hatred ran so deep for them that I actually routed for Dallas in the Super Bowl they last played in. That's right Dallas for crying out loud but anyway I would like to see one of the NFC teams win it this year just because no one is giving them a chance.

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Good luck to Russ...but I can't stand Pittsburgh, and i'm always certain that Bill Cowher has committed murder a few times but there's no concrete evidence to bag him yet


My g/f and her family are HUGE Steelers fan, so I have to root for them. I can't stand the Broncos. But I hope Grimm AT LEAST gets into the Hall...

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