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Who was your Redskins MVP?


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There are so many on this team to pick from. I think that everyone in stretches kept this team going and someone seemed to pick up the slack every week. I would have to say that my MVP would have to be Clinton Portis. He broke our single season team record for rushing and was third in the NFC behind Alexander and Barber. He was one hell of a blocker when we needed him. He soldiered on all year through some pretty tough injuries as well. I guess if I had to give it to a non-skill player on the offense...Randy Thomas would be my pick. On D it would have to be Marcus Washington. He got majorly screwed out of the pro bowl. Hopefully, some people will back out so he can get in. So who is your all's pick for the Redskins MVP???

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I voted for Cooley because this was his break out year. He really helped us win some key games, like the 2nd dallas game. He was always there when you needed him and he picked up some crucial first downs this season. Santana had a great year too, he single handedly one us the first Dallas game, but I have to go with Cooley because he is my favorite player. Great year altogther though!

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I'm going to say C. Griffin. I thought there was a noticeable difference in the defense when he was not in there. He causes havoc in the middle, commands a double team, which in turn makes the blitz more effective. Plus he is a very good run stuffer. If we can find a DE that can compliment him we can go from a very good defense to a dominant defense.

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