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Terrel Owens says he wants to be a REDSKIN (No source)


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Okay, where there is smoke there is fire, and we got to start facing the possiility of him coming here.

REally, all of you out there, think about it?

Joe Gibbs came back

We traded Champ Baily for and a 1st round pick for Clinton Portis ...

Isn't just about anything possible with Dan Snyder as our owner?

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interesting. don't really believe it but interesting.

that's three available (or soon to be available) WRs that would love to play for the 'Skins.


so this is off topic

but connor hughes 3rd round= f'ing brilliant

hes gonna be the next vinateri

and he has great taste in colleges

great alum

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I'd be down with it. Incentive laden contract with a "money back, no talk back,backlash" stipulation. If he talks back, backlashes like he did in Philly, we can make him an immediate free agent with his salary pro-rated returned to us. I'd do it in a heartbeat and laugh my way to the Superbowl riding T.O. and Portis.

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NO ONE will trade for TO because of the huge roster bonus and salary he has this upcoming year. Everyone knows the iggles will cut him. I'm sure he does want to play in the NFC East to go beat the iggles. Whatever. After Coles, and the really cohesive nature of the team now, it's hard to see the Skins being interested at any price. Even if he agreed to a minimum contract with lots of incentives, by midseason (if he was playing really well) how could we know he wouldn't be pouting about not getting an extension. We also know that Brunell is likely to start out the year next year. It's hard to see TO actually wanting to play with a QB who has as limited of an arm as Brunell does at this point - look how he was with Jeff Garcia who was making the probowl at the time. Just not going to happen.

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i've swayed back and forth on this, and i'm still not sure how i'd feel w/ t.o. in the burgundy and gold.

i do, however, believe that whoever gets owens will get one headache free season out of him at below market value. i really hope that team is not dallas or ny. if it's us, so be it, as long as it's a one year deal w/ a lot of clauses.

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