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POLL: Who Was Most Responsible for the Offense's Poor Performance in the Playoffs?


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First, the Seattle Seahawks should be an option.

Second, how can you leave the offensive line out of that? They were, at times, flat out ugly in that game.

Third, where is the option for Patrick Ramsey, who clearly torpedoed the franchise from the minute he was drafted out of Tulane? :rolleyes: <-- being sarcastic

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You can't make lemonade without lemons. We've simply not got enough weapons on offense, as we lack that second receiver which we have all been posting about this week. This becomes an issue at the top of the organization which filters down. Without that #2 WR, we lose some of our ability to get Moss open, to get more than 5 yard passes to Cooley, and we lack relief for Portis, who has to shoulder more of the offense when we don't pass.

Get a credible threat at the #2 WR slot and defenses have to spread more to try to contain us. I think that Brunell (with his healthy O line back) will be able to make good decisions about which of his four main outlets to go to: Moss, Cooley, Portis, and that phantom guy we're waiting for.

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The culprits are:

* a hurt OLine

* NO #2 reveiver

* Hurt Mark Brunell

ya can't help injuries... NO NEED TO TRY to assign BLAME on them... unless, however, we're talking about when playing hurt hinders the team..................................

You can vote for any reason you want. If you blame Gibbs for starting Brunell when he was hurt, you can vote for Gibbs. If you blame Brunell for playing injured, or for just being old, you can vote for Brunell. If you view injuries as a separate issue, you can vote "other".

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I thought the offensive playcalling was pretty bad throughout the playoffs. We were playing not to lose instead of trying to win. During the game our offense becomes so predicable that teams know how to stop us which both Tampa and the Seahawks did.

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Can I change my vote to Joe Gibbs?

No other coach would have had us in a position to lose to the Seahawks. If Gibbs had not been back I could have won a ton of money on the golf course this past weekend instead of watching the Redskins going for their 12th win on the year.

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