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Joe Gibbs at his press conference, disheartened?


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I think he knew we shoulda won. Plus it sucks to lose, especially in the playoffs.


He was thinking " What the **** is that camera man doing?

Dont read what magazines like USA Today say, they usually make people look sad,mad, or happy with a picture and quote on the side when they really know there wasnt a problem at all.

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According to the media, Saturday he and the players were blase and Monday he was disheartened.


He sounded ready to go to me...he asked the press guys if they would still be there every Monday with him and the other coaches and said if they weren't they were gonna miss something!

Not what I would call disheartened by any means.

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Sigh. Saw the press conference and all I can do is agree with most others have said. Joe was animated, laughing, and generally UPBEAT. One of several impressions I had when watching it was that he was looking forward to next season, though not too quickly. ;)

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Was Joe Gibbs disheartened at his press conference yesterday?

I didn't think he was but according to this picture that was one of the "Monday in Pictures" at usatoday.com.


I didn't think he was disheartened but maybe that's just me.

That was Joe listening to a question the reports were asking him. Good grief, that isn't a disheartened look on his face...... :doh:

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