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Updated 2-3-06 - Vinnie Cerrato listen up! .... Here is the punter we need to sign!

inmate running the asylum

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"Never question the infinite wisdom that I impart to Inmate. For Inmate bears the sign of the Exalted One, which is the gap between his two upper bicuspids. And for those of you who think the gap is only a result of dental caries, you obviously lack true faith, and may Zeus smite you with a case of the Egyptian botch up your anal cleft" :moon: [Deuteronomy 28:27 - King James Bible] .

Listen up Vinnie:

Tom Tupa is 40 years old now and should be collecting Social Security. Its time we signed a young punter and here is the man. Jon Ryan is a free agent who plays for Winnepeg in the CFL and is only 23, but still broke a 22 year-old Canadian punting record this year, with a 50.6 gross average.

We have another Shane Lechler here, Vinnie. Imagine the field position advantage we would gain on each change of possession.

So Vinnie, quit playing handball with Danny for a friggin moment and get Danny to pony up a check to sign this Canadian punter. Or else. :paranoid:

Inmate asked me to deliver this message to you Vinnie, because he was er.. framed and is indisposed at the moment in solitary confinement. Inmate also said, what do you need scouts for, when you have him. :paranoid:


Blue Bombers punter Jon Ryan turning heads and drawing NFL attention

Judy Owen, Canadian Press

Published: Tuesday, September 20, 2005

WINNIPEG (CP) - When punter Jon Ryan was drafted by the Blue Bombers last year, he had the simplest of goals for his rookie CFL season. "My main goal was to make the team," Ryan said. "And after I made the team, I just kind of wanted to be in the top three or four punters in the league and wanted people to think that I belonged." The former University of Regina kicker-slotback accomplished that, finishing fourth with a 43.2-yard gross punting average.

He then headed to the weight room in the off-season and has returned bigger and better.

With five games remaining, the six-foot, 197-pound redhead is on the verge of a record-breaking season. Ryan, 23, leads the league with a 51.3-yard average and is on pace to break former B.C. Lions legend Lui Passaglia's single-season record of 50.2 yards set in 1983.

"It would definitely be special," Ryan said. "Just to even be brought up in the same sentence as Lui Passaglia is a pretty great honour. "But there's still five games left, and three of them in the afternoon in (windy) Winnipeg so it'll be pretty tough to keep my average up." His next opportunity to stay in the groove is Sunday, when the Bombers (4-9) travel to Montreal to take on the Alouettes (5-6). Winnipeg is coming off a 37-21 victory over Ottawa on Friday while Montreal lost 27-26 to unbeaten B.C. on Saturday when a late two-point conversion gamble failed.

Even if Ryan does fall short of Passaglia's record, he may see rewards come his way. His agent Gil Scott has fielded some calls from NFL teams - he won't disclose the number or names of the teams - who might want to take a look at him after Ryan plays out his option this season. Playing in the NFL would certainly be more lucrative for Ryan. The minimum salary south of the border this year is $230,000 US whereas his CFL salary is reportedly around $50,000 Cdn.

"It's kind of something that I want to leave alone right now," Ryan said of the NFL interest. "After the season is over I'll have a little more time to think about it and look over my options." One person who won't be surprised if Ryan hooks up with an NFL club is Bombers general manager Brendan Taman.

"Hopefully we can keep him, but odds are that ain't going to happen," Taman said. "The season he's having is quite exceptional. "He's been one of our few shining lights. A talent like him doesn't come along very often." Consistency, hang time and location are what NFL teams are looking for in a punter, Taman said. "If he continues to work on those phases, which he's doing quite well for us now, that'll be key."

In the Ottawa win, Ryan's punts pinned the Renegades inside their own 19-yard line six times. One punt to Ottawa's three-yard line late in the first half resulted in a safety, followed by a Troy Westwood field goal.

Taman said he first spotted Ryan playing slotback with the Regina Rams and his athleticism caught his eye. That was also evident against Ottawa. After a bad snap, Ryan picked up the ball and started running for the first down. "He had to run 21 yards to get that," Bombers head coach Jim Daley noted. "It was third and six, he's 14 yards back and he went an extra yard to get the first down. "That's real smart football."

If Ryan does break Passaglia's record, Daley will be one of the first to congratulate him. "For any player to come close to a record or break it of Lui Passaglia, who was one of the greatest, it would be amazing - especially in your second year," Daley said.

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wow ... that is some punting average. That will be interesting to see if we bring him in and see how he does. Out of curiosity ... isn't Canadian football 3 downs instead of 4? If so, wouldn't he have punted a lot more than the average NFL punter in establishing his average over a season?

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Out of curiosity ... isn't Canadian football 3 downs instead of 4? If so, wouldn't he have punted a lot more than the average NFL punter in establishing his average over a season?

Yeah, CFL is only 3 downs so they do punt alot more as well as playing 18 games instead of 16


i hope we sign him would be deadly to see a good Saskatchewan boy on the 'Skins

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wow ... that is some punting average.

Out of curiosity ... isn't Canadian football 3 downs instead of 4? If so, wouldn't he have punted a lot more than the average NFL punter in establishing his average over a season?


He punted 118 times in 18 games for 5,967 yards and a 50.6 yard gross average. Thats an average of 6.5 punts per game. :D

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A 92 yard punt is great, but sorry this guy is WAY better. Best punter in the nation:

Daniel Sepulveda (Baylor)


And who WOULDNT want a punter that can do this: http://www.baylortv.com/streaming/000641/300kbps_str.asx

Yes thats the PUNTER making the tackle.

Edit: Suprisingly the best punter in the NCAA comes from a school that isnt that great at football. We are getting better though...Sic Em Bears

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