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Thanks you Extremeskins and Joe!


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I would like to say thank you to everyone on the Extremeskins staff and everyone who posts here. This year has been an awesome year to be a Redskins fan because we not only made the playoffs, but we did it with a TEAM. We can finally see a future with the Redskins and not a prayer for a 1 year wonder.

This site has helped make being a Skins fan this year and AWESOME feeling. So thank you and thanks Joes for bringing it all together! You are the MAN!

I am proud of our Skins in the effort of passion they played with this year. I definitley see a bright season next year, because we got to where we need to get to this year. This was the first step to the SB for next year!


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Nice post.............. If ya could, do a search to see if the topic has been posted. There are two threads at the top of the page covering this.

One to thank the Skins for the great season, and one to thank the mods and Redskins . com


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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