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would you rather be the Colts?


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For all the folks looking for someone to cut or someone to blame, please consider that we won one more postseason game than the odds-on favorite, pre-ordained darlings of the league.

They couldn't handle the Patriot's physical DB's, so the League comes up with the "chuck rule."

They couldn't win in past years on the road, so the league fixed up the easiest schedule in the league (whatever happened to a "first place" schedule?) and they get homefield advantage throughout.

They needed a ref to completely redefine what a completed pass is (or was Tagliabue making that call under the hood?) just to have a chance for their clutch kicker to blow it in the end anyway.

Now the Indy Colts are exposed as the fraud they always will be-- coach and QB both now saddled with the hard earned, well-deserved reputations for not being able to cut it when it counts.

Gibbs is the anti-Dungy, winning far more with way less. We play where the game was meant to be played, and the way it was meant to be played. And our QB, no matter how old, gimpy, and noodle-armed he may sometimes appear, would never, ever, ever throw his O-Line under the bus.

Be frustrated for losing, be pissed about a playcall, and be pupmed about next year, but most of all, be grateful for what we have! :helmet:

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