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Being a Referee - Part Time or Full?


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First, I apologize for not putting this in the "Around the NFL" section. I believe this to be a very important topic, and I feel the number of responses would be much greater in this section.

We all know that the number of "bad" calls this season has been at what many consider to be an all-time high. Most, if not all of us know that being a Referee in the NFL is a part-time job. My question to you, is having seen the confusion and double-standard of numerous calls this season, do you think that it should be a full-time job?

One example I can give you is calling a timeout within the last 2 seconds of a half...if you do this and the booth decides to review a call, should you get your timeout back? On one occasion they did give the timeout back to the team that called it prior to the review. On another occasion, they did not. Does this make any sense? Was the play in Tampa really a catch? Did Alstott make that 2-pt conversion? Did Polamalu really pick off Manning and have it stolen from him?

Tell me what you think, because this is going to be a HUGE matter in the offseason for the NFL to look at.

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The Refs already decide to much of NFL games as it is. There are so many rules and so many crazy scenarios that refs should be full time. Take for instance the play yesterday in the Steelers game. They had a fourth and inches where both teams lines engaged each other prior to the ball moving. After much discussion they brain farted and called it a no play. It was the worst call I have ever seen. Then I watched the Polamalu interception. What does the guy have to do? What kind of football move do they need to see? If it where the Redskins yesterday and they lost because of that I would have seriously found the referee and beat him within an inch of his life. It is way out of hand. Then for Mike Carey to say he isn't going to enforce a punch in the head because a guy got spit on??? It is not his job to interpret the rules it is his job to enforce them. This season was an absolute joke in the NFL because of the officiating.

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Here is a post I made after the Tampa Game.

Irregadless of the Tampa game it's a crime the NFL does not have full time paid officials whose profession it is to officiate. There have been horrid calls both for and against most teams this year and last and the year before that.

The NFL says its only a 16 game season we don't want to pay officials a full time year round salary. I say come on guys your a multi-billion dollar industry. Why skimp on one of the most important aspects of your games integrity??

Pay them a nice yealry salary and have them officiate for teams at practices and OTA's in the off-season. Have coaching seminars in the offseason and go over things that have gone wrong and how they should be handled in the future.

Have a review process and if an official scores to low consistently they will be fired.

Is it really to much to ask that these ref's livelyhood depends on there ability to officiate correctly?? No more part timers who work a job during the week and offficiate on the weekends for fun.

I want some people who's jobs and success depend on their calls on Sunday!


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I first of all believe that anything should be able to be challenged. Like you DEFINATLY should be able to challenge down by contact and ruled incompletions. Reffs should also get penalized harshley for making obviously bad calls (mike allstott). If a team has to go as far to bring the tapes to the league and they see that it was a horrible call, certain officials should be penalized even more harshley. Reffs must be impartial to certain teams. There has to be certain teams that they grew up with and rooted for as kids. There is no way in the world i believe that all reffs like all 32 teams just the same. But the best way to get the game called correctly no matter what teams are on the feild, is a good hit to the reffs pocket.

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