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Washington Redskins..Year In Review..2005..Photos


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Each year at the end of the year, TIME magazine has a Year In Review issue......with photos that take you through the entire year. Each photo says something special about the events of the year.

I would like to make this thread the YEAR IN REVIEW for the 20005 SEASON OF THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS.

Each of us has those moments that were so special to us.

Please post the photos of THE 20004 SEASON that are special to you....those that take to you that SPECIAL moment.

Please make sure you caption the pictures.

I will begin.

I chose this picture for a couple of reasons.

#1. I was wearing a custom ROCK jersey....and I love it.

#2. I was on the field at FedEx. That experience was awesome. Something comes over you when you step out there.

#3. We won that game.

Anyway.........there are many more picture out there. You do not have to choose one that you are in.........there are so many pic that our wonderful mods have provided us.........and I bet each one of us has that "special" picture we saved.



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I will add one photo from the last time team left REDSKIN PARK.

Joe Gibbs came out and talked to the fans. He is such a remarkable man. He is more genuine than most people I have ever met.

This photo is from one of the posters on here........I thank you for posting it.


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