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Thank You Dr. King!


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I don't care if it's in the wrong fourm, leave it, show some respect to a great man. :)

Second that motion. Take it from a southern white man, that man did so much to turn around my backwards area of the country and we're completely in his debt. Thank you so much Dr. King.


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Originally my first reaction was "This is in the wrong forum" but yeah, reflecting, I don't think it matters much.

What I admire most about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is how he did what he did. While others were spewing hate and violence - those on both sides of the issue, including those who shared the same purpose, he refused, and I mean REFUSED to allow himself and his supporters stoop to that violence. He was a great peaceful man who accomplished more with his good heart than any one ever could have done with a gun or a knife.

He is a man I have nothing but respect and admiration for, and I'm not even African American.

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