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I went with Pitt.

Not that i want them to win but they have everything going for them. Denver didnt impress me with their win...they got a garbage PI in the endzone, then they had NE special teams fumble the ball twice. Denver won the game but didnt play that great. I think Pitt will beat them but 10pts.

Seattle at home is tough and as much as I hate Hasseldik I do respect his game.

I think Pitt will beat Seattle in the SB.

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I only choose the Steelers because they continue to amaze me by pulling out these wins. I believe Seattle will get SPANKED by Carolina and put them in the Superbowl. I also think the Steelers will edge out the Broncos in a crazy hard-fought game that will only be decided by the team that not only wants it more, but can stand the pounding better. I do think however that if they see Carolina in the SB, they may have a problem, as Carolina has something the Colts did not(and I'm not talking about just Smith), they have a SHORT passing game to counter all of those blitzes.

The real test will be the Steelers secondary that determines the outcome of that game if it ends up being between those 2.

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I am gunna root for Seattle. So we can atleast say we lost in the playoffs to the SB champ.

Don't get me wrong, Champ is a beast. But Smith has yet to be stopped, and I mean period. He ran up 400 yards and 2 TD's against the Bears Defense in 2 games...that says a lot. Champ is one of the best CB's if not the best in the league, but I don't know that he can handle Smith. Champ is fast, but he won't outrun Smith, it'll be his ability to be physical that he will have to rely on if he want to shut him down. And even then, they still have the screen and reverse they run.

I just don't see anyone stopping Carolina's offense.

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Obviously we all wanted our Redskins to win. But now that they are out of it you have to cheer for the BUS. He has meant so much to football and this is it. This is his last year. He has been to four AFC Championship games and came up short each time. How can you not like this guy? I hope this is his year.

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