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Eastern Motors Song


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i like their newest commercial, Lavar, Portis, and Sean Taylor. I dont know how they get these players to agree to it, well Lavar and Portis are obvious, but it baffles me how they got Taylor to.

I think it has almost become an inside joke/status symbol for the players to do ads for those guys. Sort of a "club" to be a part of or something.

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the beat to the song is hot...and I remember when I first heard it I kept saying to myself, "they need to make a REAL song off of this beat, it would be good!" And, lo and behold, there IS a real song to the Eastern Motors beat... but I'm not sure if the EM jingle came first or if they stole it off the song... anybody else know it? It's funny bc the song will come on (the real one) and people will start singing the Eastern Motors lyrics over the real lyrics.

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that commercial with Portis, Arrington, and Taylor was awesome. I'm buying my next car from eastern just b/c of those commercials.

If you like 23.9% interest rate ie your job is your credit. If your credit blows and you want a 30 year car payment Easterns is for you.

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