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So how did your predictions hold up?


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I have to see our QB situation before I predict anything. :laugh:

As for this year, I don't completely remember anything except for us finishing 10-6 in 2nd place to Philly and atleast getting to the Divisional Round. I think I had us losing in the NFCCG.

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You may think im bulling you. but i predicted 10-6 and losing second round in playoffs. I also predicred the ebars would have a top 5 defence and alot other things that were right. I kinda scare my self.

you are gonna need to show me a link before i completely believe that one

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I predicted 9-7 and playoffs. (Pretty close)

I predicted Ramsey would end up our QB (wrong)

I predicted Moss would be a bust like Coles (wrong)

I predicted we would split with each team in the division (5-1 vs. 3-3)

I guess I didn't really do all that well. Fortunately, that's why we play a season.


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I predicted 10 - 6 and losing in the playoffs :applause:

(i have the skins going 14 - 2 next year....)


wow, you were right on the money! good job! I also think we have a chance at going 14-2 next season but first I have to see what we change and who we pick up in the offseason.

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