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Who wins next week: Carolina vs Seattle, Denver vs Pittsburgh?


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Well the final 4 is set. Who wins next week matchup.

Carolina vs. Seatte: Carolina? Seattle?

Denver vs. Pittsburgh: Denver? Pittsburgh?

I think in the first game, Carolina will win this game. Seattle can be stopped and Carolina has the offense to go along with the defense to win. Carolina also has the experience of winning on the road in a championship game.

Carolina 24

Seattle 14

I don't know who will win the second game. Denver is tough to beat at home but if one team can do it, it would be Pittsburgh. Though Cower isn't good in afc championship games but maybe he gets thru on Bettis karma? Maybe Jerome isn't meant to retire without a superbowl ring? Will see.

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Scores don't matter you can predict 17-14 every game every week and have a better record picking scores than if you actually tried to predict realistic scores.

As for the games...

Carolina has just looked far better in their two games than Seattle did against the Skins. It is probably gonna be which QB can make the plays to win because Alexander might still be out, and Foster broke his friggin ankle so I'm pretty sure he isn't plaing.

And in a battle of QBs the one that has been there before is the most likely to succeed so I will go with Carolina.

In the AFC, again Pittsburgh has looked very good in their two wins. They are hot right now. They are playing their kind of football. They ran the ball 40+ times against the Colts and if they can keep that up I envision a Super Bowl victory on the horizon for the #6 seed of the AFC. How sick is it that the AFC has 6 teams better than anyone in the NFC? Pittsburgh just looks like the team to beat right now.

So Carolina and Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl. There's a matchup the NFL loves to see, haha. With no running game I don't think Carolina can win this game. Right now it's Pittsburgh's championship to lose. But last week it seemed like it was Indy's championship to lose so perhaps that isn't the best way to put it....

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