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Breakdown Our Defense - On the upswing or heading downhill?


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I'd be curious to hear what people think of our defense as of next year. There is always a familar curve in a player's career. Starting as a rookie, he may have good phsysical skills, but isn't experienced in the pro game. After a few years, he has some experience, and his physical skills are improving. At some point the combination of experience and physical skills (speed and strength) are at their best. Then at some point, although he has many years of experience, the physical tools start to diminish and his career passes a point at which he performs at his ultimate capacity.

I'd be interested to hear what people think of our DL, backers, and secondary - if each of these groups is getting better and approaching the peak, or starting to head down the other side of the hill. Obviously the secondary with Taylor and Rogers are on the upside, but I'm not sure about Springs being in the league 9 years.

If we could keep this group together (except maybe adding a DE) are we still looking at years of guys approaching or playing in their prime?

I think the offense is still too much in flux to make that discussion worthwhile.

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I believe it will get better next year.

Hopefully Brandon Noble will be back next year and he provides great depth. However we will need to restructure his contract for the 2006 season.

Sean Taylor will only get better in his third season as will Carlos Rogers who came on strong in the 2nd half of the season.

Hopefully we resign Clark and sign a pass rushing defensive end via FA and or the draft.

I also would like to see Lavar back because he only got better as the season progressed and I feel he finally started to do what Gregg Williams wanted him to do.

Also, Philip Daniels finally started to get healthy toward midseason and finally started to reach form. If all luck holds out he will only get better and with another impact DE this should hold true.

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man i'm very excited about our defense for next year. what's not to like? my biggest concern is our depth and age of our dline. especially the de's. we need to find the next cornelius griffin. Another young cb would be great to. we won't be successful without one.


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Most of the Defense will remain intact as we go into the 2006 season. That can only be looked at as a good thing. If we can somehow find a way to sign a pass rushing DE and a quick, hard hitting CB I think we will be fine. I also think we need to find another huge, run stuffing DT that can be rotated with Griffin and Big Joe. I do not think that Brandon Noble is the answer as I am starting to get the feeling that his knee has gone "chronic".

This D will be, once again, in the top tier in 2006. Of that I have no doubt!

Once again, it all boils down to the Offense. I am concerned as I just feel that Brunell (God Bless him) at the age of 36, cannot withstand the beating that results from a full season of play. I seriously hope that Jason Campbell comes into training camp with the mindset that he will be "the man".

We also need to do something with our OL. On paper our starters are all excellent to good but we have no viable backups in the middle of the line. I was perplexed to see Cory Raymer out there when Ray cramped up. I could not believe that we did not insert Molinaro at Guard. Unfortunately, that says something about Molinaro...

I won't mention our WRs as we can all agree that it is a glaring weakness once you get past 89. Time to ressurrect the "Fun Bunch" or at least the "Posse"... :D

Bottom line, The D will come back better then ever...IMHO!


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First and formost I hope ST gets his legal problems fixed. If he gets convicted he is gone for 3 years. Second I would like us to pickup a stud with our #2 pick at DE, to this day I still can't believe we didn't pickup Canty last year when he was right there. Heck he would have been a huge help this year :mad:

Lavar needs to restructure his contract and take a pay cut. He should know even then he will come out ahead because no other team will pay him the kind of bucks we are.

Noble will also need to restructure and he is a good guy to have. His injury in a round bout way helped us develop Salavea and thus we will have solid D-players for the middle of the line. If we keep lavar then we have a very solid LB core so why not look hard in FA for a solid nose tackle. Then we can certainly play 3-4 defense if the situation is favorable. I am sure Gregg Williams would love to swith up.

The 3rd and 4th picks must be used to get OL talent. If Buges is the best in the business lets get him the material to make a great line.

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I think that Marshall, Taylor, Rogers, Washington, Griffin, Salave'a, and Arrington (assuming he stays) will all be better next season than they were this year. These guys are all young and they all have a lot of exoerience in GW's system. Daniels and Clark are guys that I don't see making improvements, but are also guys that I don't think will regress at all. I don't know a thing about Noble because I don't remember him playing. I think Wynn is destined to be a backup for us, and if he doesn't restructure, he could possibly be a cap casualty this season. Springs is the one guy that I think is going to regress. He's already shown that he's wearing down physically and it also takes him a long time to recover from injury. So far, his play hasn't gotten noticably worse when healthy, but I think based on his age and current trends, next season he might start to fade.

I think we have to draft a good DE in the second round. Dumervil and Tapp could be there and I'm sure there are more lesser known athletic guys that we could pick up. I'd like to get a young, athletic corner in the third round. If we're compensated well this year for Smoot and Pierce, I think that we can get a few good players this season that can step in a make an impact next season if GW lets them (remember, he held Taylor and Rogers out their first seasons and they were both top ten picks). McCune didn't even get on the field this season.

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