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Position Review - Offseason Improvment


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#2 WR-

With David Patten having season ending knee injury, Taylor Jacobs the Spurrier 2nd round pick stepped in to show everyone what he had. Not much. Finishing the year with only 11 catches. Look for us to try to obtain a free agent #2 reciever: Colts WR Reggie Wayne, Steelers WR Randle EL, TO? :doh:


A lot of people are saying we need to get a new punter, but what I think some forgot is that Tom Tupa is on IR. He will be back for the 2006 season and we will release Derrik Frost.


The offensive line. They are a lot better than a lot of you make them out to be, Jon Jansen and Chris Samuels are great Offensive Tackles, and Randy Thomas who was placed on IR after the cowboys game with a broken ankle is a great right guard. Derek Dockery shows great hussel to get to the ball and block down field but I feel that we could improve this position if needed. Look for nothing to change on our line except a healthy Randy Thomas back, and another 1500+ yard season for Portis.


I think John Hall will still be a Redskin next year, although he is injury prone and is not as strong as he used to be. Missed a 36 yard field goal in Seattle and has trouble on kickoffs getting the ball passed the 15 yard line. Hall will be here next year, although re-aquiring Nick Novak with a cheap trade with the cardinals would not be a bad idea.


Okay guys, give it up for our defensive line this season! I thought we did a great job with knocking down passes at the line of scrimmage! Daniels really stepped up as a pass rusher late in the season. Only negative was that Quarterbacks had a good 5 seconds to view the field and throw before we got a hand on them. Look for us too maybe use our overall #52 pick on a pass rushing DE if we dont draft a WR.


This is a questionable position. I think Mark Brunell had a good year, and will be back in 2006. Look for the Redskins to trade Patrick Ramsey to a team in need of a Quarterback without a high 1st round pick for a 3rd rounder at best. Jason Campbell should make some headlines this offseason for really mastering our offense and competeing with Mark Brunell for the starting job this coming preseason. Should be a lot of intresting QB controversy threads :laugh:


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