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Since the loss yesterday, I have been reading some rediculous posts. First of all, I'll start off with the one that said the Champ Bailey for Clinton Portis trade was "awful". In that post, the individual went on to say CP is not a special back and he is overrated. I mean, are you serious? Clinton Portis is one of the most special backs in the league. More than 1,500 yards in 3 of 4 seasons in the league. And the season he did not run for 1,500 yards, he had 1,335 in just 14 games in his first season with the Skins. And did i mention he is one of only 3 backs in NFL history to run for 1,300 plus in his first 4 seasons in the league? Portis has it all. (Speed, power, toughness, and intelligence) Yes, Champ Bailey is a very special player, and a great corner, but I take Portis all day. Especially when we were able to sign Shawn Springs who has had 2 great seasons with us. Not to mention, Champ wanted out so why keep an unhappy player that would just disrupt team chemistry. I will take Clinton Portis and Shawn Springs over Tatum Bell and Champ Bailey all day. The trade just happened to work out for both teams. It was a GREAT trade.

Another post that bothers me, was one bashing Joe Gibbs. Once again, are you kidding me? Gibbs is the third winningest coach in NFL history. 17-6 for his career in the playoffs. We all know, Gibbs likes to grind it out and pound the football. He took a team that was a complete disaster 2 years ago and brought them to the 2nd round of the playoffs this year. Yes, I am disappointed in the loss yesterday, but I am satisfied with our season. And next year, Gibbs will make us even that much better. The lack of depth on the O-Line and at WR hurt us, but Gibbs got more out of our boys this year than anyone expected. For any Redskin fan to talk negatively about Joe Gibbs is insane.

I'll make this next one short and sweet. Some people saying they don't know how Mark Brunell has a job in the NFL. I'm the the biggest Brunell fan in the world but he is definately a better fit than Ramsey. And I am a big Ramsey fan. Brunell had 23 td's to just 10 picks. Yes, he had a few bad games but I do not believe we go 11-7 this season with Patrick Ramsey as our starting QB. Brunell had a solid season and helped us advance to the 2nd round of the playoffs.

And finally, the last post that bothered me, was a post about preseason cuts next year. I was surprised to see that most of you do not want LaVar back. Yes, his comments several weeks ago were uncalled for and he definatley did not have his best season this year, but he still does amazing things on the football field. We all know about his speed and athletic abilities. And we all know what he is capable of on the football field. Bottom line, Gibbs and Williams need to sit down with him and have a talk. I know he wants to come back to the Redskins and i feel our staff wants him to come back as well. When physically and mentally healthy, LaVar Arrington is one of the best linebackers in the league.

Its crazy how a loss can turn some peoples heads the other way. We simply lost the game. We will be back next year with even higher expectations. As I said before, I am very disappointed in the loss yesterday because I definately thought we could win that game, but at the end of the day, I am very satisfied with our season and do believe Gibbs has us headed in the right direction. Congratulations to the Redskins for a hell of a year.

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Couldn't have said it better man.

I can understand those who get upset after a loss, especially after a game we should have one, but to turn around and bash the players and coaches isn't cool. Those people are exactly the type that Gibbs would NOT want on his team.

Redskins forever. Hail.

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1) JG is partly responsible for the miserable offensive performances from the Philly game on - he as much as said so yesterday. no one is arguiing that he be banished to the hinterlands - and he is derserving of great respect for what he has accomplished since coming back. that said, he needs to adjust or we will never make it to the top his grind it out, overly conservative approach to modern football does not work when his team is behind. that much is obvious.

2) I was a major Brunell backer most of the year because he served us well with his mobility and conservative decision-making and you just don't dump your lead in mid-stream. that said, and with the season now over, I can agree with the others that this team will be in permanent arrears so long as Brunell is under center. the criticisms are valid:

- he does tend to sail the ball

- he rolls to his left almost every time (very predictable; cuts the field in half)

- he does seem to stare receivers down

- he didn't do with regularity what great QBs do: win gamesby engineering drives when the game is on the line

- defenses are very obviously not scared by his arm: Philly, TB and Seattle basically said "We're stopping Clinton - he is the key. Your QB doesn't scare us....bring it on." And they won the bet....every time.

We must have a younger QB with an arm, decison-making skills and some mobility that keeps defenses honest. otherwise, we are . in for the same BS offensive gameplan next year: rely in the defense and special teams. I'm not a PR fan - but he has had some time. he deserves the benefit of the doubt. I don't much care whether it's JC or PR - but we need a different QB next season. It's time for Brunell to shoulder the second mission he was brought here for - training the understudies. If JG starts MB again - then I, for one, will be extermely skeptical (barring some outstanding D-line signings) about our chances to improve upon this season. we will see the same pattern again - IMO.

3) As for LA. I hope he comes back. Too early to waste any energy thinking about this. I agree that slamming him before the teamhas even returned is non-sense. My only gripeis that it appears his knees are botherng him to the degree that he cannot keep with quick RBs runing into the flats for passes. Many are missing the physical prowess he brings to the edge againt the running game - it's a major part of our run defense.

additonal ideas for next season?

1) get a second wideout through FA worth a *rap so Santanna isn't triple teamed so often.

2) develop an offensive scheme that isn't so one dimensional.

3) add some depth on the offensive line.

4) draft a TE who is a pass receiving threat.

5) sign a FA pass rushing DE.

6) strengthen the secondary....it's still not tight enough. among other things, too many midgets.

7) find a more reliable punter who can execute a coffin corner punt.

8) challenge Hall with some real competition.

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