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To Keep or Not Keep Lavar, That is the question.


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The key to our whole offseason is the Lavar question. If we do cut him we will need to fork over a hefty Dead Cap hit. If we keep him, we will most likely have to take a big hit in the future.

Here is the implications of keeping or cutting Lavar:

As most of you know, the only part effecting a the cap on a released player is the signing bonus which has not been earned yet. In this case Lavar was paid a $15.5 million bonus in 2003 which is prorated over eight years. (Barely tapped into). He is also owed a $6.5 million bonus this offseason which would be prorated over the next 6 years. He also has multiple smaller roster bonuses in the future years.

Now for all you technical wizards, I have rounded and estimated a lot of these numbers, but I think I have covered the gist of it. If you see an error, please post a correction. (#'s for calculation from thewarpath.net)

----------------2006 ------ 2007 ----- 2008 ----- 2009----- 2010

Keep Lavar :----$3.6 M ----- $5.4M-----$7.6M----$10.9M----$14.1M

Cut Lavar:------$11.6 M ----$15.1M----$13.6M----$12.5M ---$10.8M

Based on the projected $92 million cap that some people have talked about, I think the skins will be approx. $10 million under the cap if we keep Lavar. (Before resignings and free agents) If we cut him, that # will shrink to $2 million.

If we do cut Lavar this year, it will effect free agent signings. If we keep him, maybe we can sign Reggie Wayne or another top line player. The question is should we ride out Lavar until this ship sinks (2 or 3 more years). Or cut him now and live with a team whose offense can only get to the Divisional Playoff round. You also have to take into account that if we do cut him, we need to find a capable replacement. No easy task.

Based on this analysis, I say we keep Lavar. We may be paying him a lot, but we are saving a ton of money at middle linebacker.

We'll see what Joe and the boys decide.

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