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Taste Of Blood!


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After yesterdays game most of the fans at where I hung out at had there heads down, took off there jerseys or simply didnt want to talk about anything redskins. Look people the Owner, Coaching staff, players and fans all have some continuity for next year. I am proud to be a member of the REDSKINS FAMILY! The struggles that we had to endure this year will only harden our will to fight, and perform at much higher level. We proved it this year! Our off season will be a time where the pieces of the puzzle will be put together and balance will be reinforced! I have no doubt about the abilities of our Owner, Coaching Staff and Players and it will be proven! Lets not forget the hardships this whole organization had to face. WE STICK WITH THEM WIN OR LOSE! I'm proud of you people we call REDSKIN FANS!

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