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1 more reciever and Oline depth away


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From having a very good offense next year. We def need a #2 reciever opposite Moss. Because remember that would make Patten a #3 and I think with a number 2 and Patten at #3 we will have a lot of weapons on offense. And we cant have Raymer playing guard nomore so we need some depth there. i think we missed Patten when he went down. We didnt realize what he meant to Santana because teams actually respected him sort of.

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THANK YOU! This is exactly what I have been saying, shown in this post I made in another thread...

"Listen guys. It would be almost idiotic to bring in a new coordinator. To have them learning a new offense in a year? Also, as MANY winning franchises have proved, continuity is SO key in winning. Why don't we keep the same staff and improve the offense within just as last offseason(implemting the shotgun and adjusting to Portis' style). Are you guys saying Joe Gibbs doesn't know the x's and o's? I am 100% confident, without a doubt, that Joe Gibbs will add new wrinkles in this offense and it will be lethal in 2005 with another wide reciever addition".

People have to be a little patient. We just made the freakin playoffs and won a playoff game. What the hell is wrong iwth you guys. Every offseason you guys want to rip apart the team. This is why we were losing those 12 freakin years. We had different coaches every damn year. WHEN WILL YOU UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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