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Extremeskins Superbowl pool?


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Well, now that my beloved team is out of the playoff hunt, it's time to worry about making the inevitable Seattle/Indy superbowl enjoyable. By gambling on it, of course.

Now, I know we'll all be in pools ar out school, office, etc, but would anyone be interested in doing one with the people on here?

20 a box makes for a good payoff. (250/500/250/1000)

Of course, there wouldn't be a sheet we could all write our names with, but I'll handle that. Pick your boxes by the #.

Like so: AFC team on the top, NFC on the side. The top left box is # 1, the bottom right box is 100. All you have to do is post that you're interested & what # you want.

There's 50,000 plus on this site, so we can keep it simple, one box per user name.

When it's filled, I can post the completed sheet on here.

Hopefully I didn't leave anything out. Good luck everyone.

Oh yeah, in honor of my boy Clinton Portis, I'm taking box # 26.......

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