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To ALL HATERS... you do remember 5-6 right


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Thats right you guys need a dose of reality this morning and need to reflect on this whole season before making any more stupid posts about how this team has failed.

Only 2 months ago most people here had written this team off and already started their off season draft board and was sending a petition to have Jason Campbell be moved to starting QB....


JOE GIBBS would not let that happen. This team went on an incredible tear by any measure winning 5 in a row to make it to the playoffs (a place anyone not a skins fan didnt have us). Not only did we pull off the nearly impossible we did it by winning 3 straight against GOOD NFC east bitter Rivals.

Guys seriously.

WE BEAT DALLAS 3 times this year... (thats counting knocking them out of the playoffs).

This team and players stepped up and gave us character and a performace we probably didnt deserve as fans.

I am so proud of what this team has done and the turnaround Joe Gibbs has performed in just 2 years... THATS right 2 years.

We lost to a better team on Sunday... we were given 3 gifts and lost by 10. That tells you something.

I am o.k. with that... We were playing with the house's money and we ran into a better team.

You cant look at this game as a reflection on the Season... YOu have to look at the fact that most people before last year in the NFL viewed the Redskins as the same as the Cardinals and the Lions... (our Records were indictative of each other)

NOW we are respectable... and possibly a legitamate contender next year.... even if all the "experts" dont agree... thats o.k. they dont have too... we know what the deal is and what Joe Gibbs has established.

Thanks for the great season team.


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