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Thank You for this season thread


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This is my first Thread here and I would like to say that this team has done a great job this season. We made the playoffs and we can hold our heads higher as Redskins fan. (Not only that but our rating on JOhn Madden football should increase)

Next year we will bring hell to this league with a yong and healthy QB like Campbell. Brunell has no more zip on his balls and it was even worse after that bad knee.

Next will will be the year for this team!!

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I really believe its time to give the reigns to Campbell. We also need another WR to compliment Moss. Taylor Jacobs has been a huge disappointment. I think we're ok on defense right now, so I hope we focus a lot on fillling the holes in the offense.

Brunell was really terrible last night; I just shook my head the whole time. He's gotten so used to throwing the ball away, he probably does it in his sleep now. I can't tell you how much I pray that he steps aside so we can get a young, fresh QB ready to win games for us.

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