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Redskins wont point fingers like Tiki, but ill do it for them.


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Im tired of redskins complimenting seatle for what they did. First of all if the mvp is injured and out and jacksons half injured, that should be a huge advantage. But instead morris stepped up and Jackson owned the secondary. But defense played decent but not the way they shouldve. But i would like to point the finger at the offensive coordinator and especially mark brunell. These play calling sucked. If its that old dude on the sideline thats the offensive coordinator, he should retire. Is it just me or does Brunell throw more to the sideline than to the players. These plays were horrible. They cant get a quick slant or comeback plays off. They played that whack i formation that had only moss at wr and seatle shut them down. Since they blitz Gibbs puts more people on the line for protection, well that doesnt work cuz Brunell wont throw the ball unless hes 100percent sure that the Wide outs are open. They should watch tapes of new englands plays cuz they know how to beat the blitz with 4 or 5 receivers. They throw fast short passes that eventually leads to big plays. Also why the hell is Brunell so conservative. I think hes getting to old, the skins need a new quarterback if this guy doesnt start chucking balls deep. He wont throw passes unless the guy is 100percent open. And if you cant get the running play going start calling some better plays. What the hell was that about when it was like 2nd down and 20 yards to go, they call a running play. What were they smoking cuz i want some too. Also can someone tell gibbs this is year 2006, his counters wont work! if you see that the counters dont work, he should start running portis right up the middle or do some other running plays cuz i hate seeing counters for 2 or 3 yards. All i know is that the skins need a new offensive coordinator, reinvent a better running play, get Brunell to stop playing like a wuss or get a new quarterback, wide receivers, and a safety opposite sean taylor, a cornerback and a defensive end. I hate those postgame interviews because they keep giving seatle credit. What are you giving seatle credit for???? If anything redskins should be ashamed of there performance today. And plus how many turnovers does it take for the stinkin offense to score, better yet to get a first down???? I saw 3 turnovers by seatle and skins only had 10 points WHAT THE HELL IS THAT. Stop giving seatle credit and blame yourselves for the poor performance. Or learn to play some offense. I am disappointed once again for the horrible coaching, why couldnt the skins do what they did in the second half, earlier in the game??? Does it always take a 10 point deficit in order for them to throw the ball??? Why do they play so conservative or should i say like a wuss?? If the skins threw the ball like they did in the 2nd half earlier then the game wouldve changed. They could start balancing the offense with some running plays but nooooo they dont want to do that because they have this whack all out protect the quarterback formation that make brunell throw the ball to his favorite receiver which is the sidelines, and the sidelines had a stat of 10 catches for 140 yards=MVP. I mean dont they take pride in their team??? Everyone in the world of sports have said the skins have no offense and yet the team comes out today and proves that they dont. Why cant they prove them wrong??? Defense is incredibly good but the offense is worse than ever, its like watching high school football. Id rather watch the USC offense play rather than the skins offense. I guess Gibbs thinks the defense will get them to the playoffs just by themselves. Well now that i got that off my back i hope you guys agree with this. but it aint too bad because its not as bad as the new england losing so i got over this loss by the skins, Hope they make some good moves next year to upgrade the offense and get lavar arrington back or the skin fans are in for another disapointing season.

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