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Holmgren's class


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Holmgren is a good coach and a good guy. He has tons of respect for Gibbs. I saw an interview with him this morning where he said whenever he plays the Skins he looks across the sideline and thinks to himself, "wow, that's Joe Gibbs." Holmgren has said multiple times he has great respect for Gibbs and thinks of him as one of the best ever. Tough to lose in the playoffs, but after a great season it is better going out to a team with class.

Good work Skins.

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Thanx for the post about Holmy. We call him the Walrus too. Wife agreed he looks like one. Dam jowels are getting bigger every year LOL

He said in one of the Seattle papers that he would've loved working for Gibbs. He was actually ready to board the plane for Washington when the 49ers offered him offensive coordinator.

Thanx again for the kudos. Most of you are class acts.

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