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Thank you to the guy that robbed the gas station by my house. Redskins lost, I was a little intoxicated but had to make the drive to the gas station for a dutch master. I get to the gas station and see a guy bolt out the door. As he does, a cop pulls up and arrests him. Within 30 seconds, five cops show up. I purchase my dutch master and try to leave. The cop asks me what I am drinking. I said I haven't had anything tonight. They tell me if I get in my car to drive, they will pull me over. I called my roommate and got a ride home. All is well now, but holy ****. I feel like I have gotten a presidential pardon right now.

Anybody else have any close calls like this?

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The first drinking and driving offense will cost you 10,000$ plus a bunch of time in classes and community service.

I know a young man who did 60 days and had his liscense suspended........ on his first offense!

If you drink and drive, it's only a matter of time before they pull you over, or something happens.

Or for 10 - 20$ you can have a cab take you. Or prepare better.

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