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Enough Kvetching: Who was great this game? This season? Give up the love


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In the grand spirit of all the "Cut this dude, blame this dude" threads...

Who earned his money, and more, all season? Who do we owe a great big hug? Who put this team on his back and lugged it up the hill? Let's give out some love at the end of this GREAT season.

My list:

Mark Brunell

Clinton Portis

John Jansen

James Thrash

Shawn Springs

Joe Salave'a

Santana Moss

Chris Cooley

Marcus Washington

Sean Taylor

Mike Sellers

Casey Rabach

Randy Thomas

Derrick Frost (saw him make a few tackles)

Lavar Arrington

Cornelius Griffin

Phillip Daniels

Gregg Williams

Joe Gibbs

and... Oh hell, just everyone. What a ride.

Use this thread to give some love to someone special.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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