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Injuries hurt this team greatly.


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I think we sometimes forget in the heat of the battles, of how critical injuries are to the success of the season.

I know all teams have them, some more than others, but this team had too many key player injuries this year. Too lose one of your best offensive lineman, wide receiver, multiple secondary injuries throughout the season, is just too much to overcome. Hell, we couldn't even keep a healthy kicker and punter this year. That has been a major issue in itself.

I think this team did an amazing thing this year, going as far as they have, especially with the adversity they have faced keeping people healthy. They deserve much respect, and I truly believe if we can take the core of this team into next year, and add a couple key position additions, you will see this team in the Superbowl soon.

I just hope the next year is a healthy year for this team. It is a major factor in the sucess of a team. Good luck fellas. I look forward to a great year in 2006.

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Look at our starters on IR.

How we made it this far is amazing.

Healthy we would be hard to beat.


We had almost the same offensive line for nearly the entire season (lost Thomas in the Dallas game... 14 game done) and we only lost our #2 receiver. At times we lost our #3 (ie. Thrash). And Renaldo Wynn for this game... although his run-stuffing abilities wouldn't have helped today.

I hate injuries.... but I cannot complain this year. We were pretty healthy all things considered. It'd be nice to be able to rest players a few weeks to end the season... as well as get a bye.

But the guys have to earn it.

I don't think we had the "injury" bug this year... by any means.

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Our WR corps started out strong and ended up being one man. One little spunky quick fellow. Kudos to him.

Thrash and Patten hurt.

Jenkins a bust.

Antonio Brown....too inked up to catch a pass.

I love the thought of going DE in the draft or free agency....but nobody could argue the point that the offense needs some infusion at WR. We are so weak there it is laughable.

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With all the injuries and road games the Redskins were defying the odds even to make it this far. There's no question that if our offense had a healthy Brunell, Randy Thomas, i.e. at peak form like against Dallas and playing at home, we would beat anybody in the NFC.

The only regret this season is that the Redskins peaked a little late. Fortunately, not too late to make the playoffs but if they had gotten it together a few weeks earlier and won those heartbreakers, they would have had the luxury of getting everyone healthy and playing at home like the Seahawks did. And we'd probably be headed for the Superbowl, like Seattle is. Next year we need to avoid digging a hole in the middle of the season, and we'll be in great shape for a deeper playoff run. I'm very happy about this season overall. This loss is dissapointing, but bearable. Losing to the Eagles two weeks ago would have been unbearable.

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