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Things to take away from the game..


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Our beloved team had a hell of a year and we should all be proud how far they have come. Some things to take away from the game:

-Conservative playcalling early on killed us..I understand we tried to establish the run early but once it was obvious we couldn't run on their D we should have started passing more. you notice when we started to open up and throw the ball we moved the ball real well, the problem is it was too late :doh:

-We need a new kicker:Hall has been solid for us but he is getting older and isn't the same great kicker as he once was

-Taylor Jacobs is a bust, we have given him chance after chance and he hasn't shown us anything. Time to go out and get a 2nd reciever

-As good a year as Brunell had I think it is time for us to start prepping Campbell to play. He is our future and the future is now. The problem I think with Brunell, he tries to hard not to make mistakes that he is afraid to take chances. It's good being carefull but as a quarterback you have to be willing to take some chances, don't be stupid, but just trust your arm and your receiver and let 'er rip

-Rogers is gonna be a heck of a cornerback sometime very soon. He has shown great playmaking ability(he should have had that interception but I don't blame him, at least he made the play) and he is a great tackler. He will be a star in this defense

-I think our Defense is one playmaker on the D-line away from being downright dominant. Imagine being able to get constant pressure with a just four man rush, scary thoughts :)

Overall I think we had a great year and I want to thank the Redskins for providing me with many good times this year and for giving me hope for the future. *A special thanks to Extremeskins.com for giving me something to do with my free time*

HTTR!! :point2sky

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