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Hats off and next year


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:2cents: :2cents: :2cents: First of all, Hats off to our team!!! What a great season. We exceeded all media expectations and I truly believe most people's expectations (deep down) on this board. I am little shocked, but I'm not truly disappointed about this loss other than I have to wait 8 months for skins football. Lets be honest we need 1 or 2 wr's on this team next year and Coach has a huge decision about QB next year. I'm think we need to go with Cambell from the outset like the vikings and titans did with Mcnair and Culpepper in their second year. I think our D will be fine as is, even if we don't add a top notch DE. Again, hats off to our team, I am so proud of what they accomplished this year. We just didn't have the talent to make it all the way, but the good thing is we are not far off! I hope there is no critical posts, the skins far exceeded expectations this year and we should all be prould. Onto the draft and free agency! :gaintsuck :dallasuck :eaglesuck

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