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Looking Forward to 2006


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The nucleas is in tact. This was a great building block for our team. Especially giving them playoff experience in hostile environments....

As I look ahead to 2006, I see Gibbs getting a viable 3rd option in the passing game (Moulds?). This would allow Patten to move back to where he can be valuable to the team and most effective...in the slot. Randel El, Wayne, Jurevicious, are FAs.

O line needs to add some youth and depth via the draft. I love our O Line, but they wont be around forever.

Gotta get ourselves a pass rushing end. It just has to happen. The defense is very good right now, but with a real rush specialist, it could be great. Vanden Bosch, Abraham, Raheem Brock, Kalimba Edwards are all FAs. Would love to see them draft Ray Edwards DE Purdue, but Its possible he could be gone by round 2.

Would love to grab another young Corner to groom as well, and in case we get ravaged in the secondary like we did this yr. The draft will provide plenty of Corners to be had in the 2nd round.

Anyway, the pieces are in place, we have learned how to win games, and it could translate into a Home game next year in the playoffs!!!! :point2sky

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