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This loss hurts. It hurts bad. This season had a magic to it that we haven't seen around here for a long time. I don't know about you guys, but I just couldn't even consider the fact that eventually it would come to an end. It has, and I congratulate the Seattle Seahawks.

As hard as the loss is to stomach, I have to say that my sense of pride in being a Redskin fan is higher than it's been in a long time. We swept Dallas. We won five in a row to get into the playoffs. We went on the road and beat the team with the #1 defense in the league. And we played a solid playoff game, on the road, against the best team in the NFC.

Joe Gibbs has turned around what was (let's face it) a bad franchise for a long time. He did it in two years. The future is bright.

As hard as it is to watch the 2005/2006 season come to a close, I have to say this team overachieved. The reason this loss is so hard is because our team kept setting the bar higher, and until now had always cleared it.

Remember guys (and gals), anyone can be a fan when their team wins. Redskin fans are still fans after a heartbreaking loss.


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