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thanks for the freat season, but would anyone have put in ramsey?


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congratulations coach gibbs and redskins.....you guys played your a**es off and i'm glad to be a redskin fan. we can't let this loss get us down, need to focus on next season and how we can advance even farther next year.

mark brunnell is a good qb....he has played his heart out and i was against starting him in this game, but damn if i would'nt have played ramsey in the second half....brunnell's knee look like it was bothering him and i tip my hat to his efforts but at some point the coaching staff should've given ramsey a shot.

i hope we can focus alot on who will start next year at qb...i think brunnell's time is up....we need a younger guy who will be healthy and more agile in the pocket. mark congrats on your efforts....draft or trade for better qb....charlie whitehurst will be a good fit. :helmet:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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