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First of all, I am new and am really happy to find this great forum.

This game just came down to our offensive line getting beat, plain and simple.

As I left the Chargers game, I said this team proved they were Nothing more then mediocre, and that they really didn’t belong in the playoffs.

This team played its collective asses off, and played good enough to get back to where we haven’t been in years.

We got lucky in facing a Tampa team that we should have beaten the first time around, and got that win, but we really should have lost to the Seahawks at home.

I have been saying for 2 years if we aren’t going to play Ramsey (I love him, most of my co-workers hate him) then get rid of him. I want to see a young QB who can be developed, and be our QB of the future. Brunell can only last for so long as it is…..

A great year for Gibbs, and beating Dallas twice made for a great season.

I have never been a big Lavar fan, but he was far from the reason we had a poor game today, so Ill leave that topic alone.

I was amazed at the Seahwks crowd, and I think the difference of HCA really showed today.

Congratulation to the Seahawks, best of luck for the rest of the playoffs.

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