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big play big penalty


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I agree thsi was a poorly referee'd game, but the Redskins lost the game, not the refs. Our offense was nonexistant in the first half and our kicker failed to give us a chance to tie at the end.

Agreed, however, as always, we get shafted.

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I didn't see anything wrong with the reffing. Except when Moss ran into the defender down field and the called it on the D. Same thing happened against the Skins a few games ago. The defender does have a right on the field too.

But, you can't just stop downfield. This isn't basketball, you can't set picks.

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Comon the game was reffed so the REDSKINS would loose.

were you blind?

Didnt you see the sea birds holding every down but never called on it the way the refs called the penaltys, when and at the crucial points of the game to take the momentum from thew Redskins and make sure they wouldn't score.

Then you had the commentators calling the game along with the bad reffing. It went hand and hand!

At one point the commentator exlaimed joy for the seabirds running back that got 30 yards while the Redskin defence was being held bad.

The touchdown that hasselback dived over the corner the Redskin defencsive man was being held hard and fox made sure they didnt show that.

Speaking of Fox making sure that the line plays that the seabirds held on were never shown and when they did show the line play it was from a distance so you couldn't see the hold.

A RIGGED FOOTBALL GAME. NFL $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ within 1/2 of the point spread?????

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