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This year was a good foundation for next year.


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We did 1000% better than expected, NOBODY even most us did not expect Redskins to get to the divisional round and finish 1 game from first in our division.

I excepted an over .500 season but not like this.

Im really proud of this team. Although we did nto finish in the end, Seattle proved something and just played a better game and deserves to be in the NFC championship.

I feel we have come so MUCH closer to having an identity and soon being more consistent and we can be in the top 3 teams in the NFL.

Great season.

We can use this season to detail our identity and consistency for next year.


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Uh, how so? We're in salary cap h*ll, our best corner is another year older (Springs is no spring chicken), our linebackers aren't exactly young either, we've got a (sh*tty) 36 year old QB, and no real options for a second receiver (except for the draft- which we will be picking in the middle of the second round- not a sh*tload of talent there...)

Other than that though, it's gravy for next year...

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