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Defensively we're playing magnificent defense. Beautiful to watch how we're taking things away. Seattle did a nice job adjusting by putting Hasselbeck on the move a little, but, on the whole, you just don't get better than that. One freebie for a turnover and a few you could have forced. We're slugging this team and they are feeling it and hurting. But, we're down.

We're done because offensively we just can't get anything loose. We've tried with a few three-receiver sets with deep developing routes, but we didn't have time to throw them. Or Brunell threw it poorly. The running game is not developing so we're in a bit of a swamp.

To me, you have to play a little loose this half, despite the weather. Do some reverses. Get on the move. Go half field routes and options. Flood zones and pick one guy to hit. Neither team is really doing anything offensively, but, we're further away from connecting on much than they are :).

It's there for us. Our ball. Adjust. Make something happen. It can come out to our favor.

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