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a little perspective about "Strength Of Schedule"


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I know this is about college ball, but follow me here...

back before the BCS nonsense, schools like Nebraska would schedule cupcake non conference games and put up ungodly wins 70-3, 52-7 type wins. They would have all kinds of unbelievable stats 600 total yards, 3 100 yard rushers etc...., and at the time their conference was weak.. they played one tough game a year at Oklahoma (and even they dropped down for awhile).

Every season they would be ranked at the top of the polls, and picked to win the big bowl games, and national championship. Except every bowl game they would lose to a team like to a SEC team, that played in a tougher conference and didn't have a cupcake schedule.

The few times they did win, it was never the blow out predicted, usually a 1-3 point game

Just something to think about

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We played a tough schedule and stepped up they are going to get blown out by at least 14 points our D is strong and you haven't seen all of Joe's and Greg's trick's yet so hold on to your boot straps and they better get ready for a wild ride home all banged up.matty better get get his running cleats on cause the D-Unit is going to take him to a horror show Hail Skins.

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Success in Football, more than any other sport, is determined by HEART.

yes fundamentals are important...yes game plan is important...yes god given skill is important....yes all the intangables are important....

...but they pale in comparison next to the HEART of the player.

Those of us who have played this game before have all seen the "blessed players", the godly gifted athletes,whose gifts we wish we had, but who didn't have the heart to play this game....

...then there are those with out this advantage yet they are successful....those who are too small to play middle linbacker....or who aren't tall enough to be a successful wide reciever....or who are not the type of running back to play in the physicl NFC east...Those who are too old to play guard or quaterback....those whose time has come and gone...

...How is it possible that these people could be successful?

The answer: they have the mentality, the will, the belief that nothing can stop them. nothing. That is what heart is.

I've said it before and i'll say it again....the 2005 Washington Redskins are showing their fans and this nation what Heart is all about.

Strength of schedual and statistics?....they're just other intangables that pale in comparison.

I will pin my hopes for this team based on their Heart way before I will based on any stats or SOS.

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