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caw caw caw is the sound of defeat


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Why on earth do they continue to come here week after week before their teams lose????? It really grows old. Do they really think they have that much to CAW about? Are they putting something in the water up there in tree hugger ville?

:seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu

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i hope you kiddies are all ready to lose tomorrow.

i'm puttin my jersey on and sleepin in it till i head to the game bright n' early tomorrow morning.

i want this to be the thread you all post in saturday after the game as you see your joke of a team go down in flames.

then you can admit that we are the best in the nfc after all.


and my reply shall be:




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Bold talk from a fan of a team that has never won a god dam thing. Come back tommorrow and admit that you and the rest of the world didn't see the storm coming.

i will if you will.

Yup you guys are great I mean 24 years with out a playoff win that's quite an accomplishment you are truly the best of what the NFC has to offer we are not worthy of such an accomplishment.

it's 21 years, boy. get yo facts straight.

and that's all the more reason to get a win.

Sleep in your jersey? You might be a little gay.

caw caw caw

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