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Enough with the Bye week already. We can do this.


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I am tired of all this talk of the Seattle Seahawks as if they were the 49ers of the 80's. The Redskins offense has played some of toughest defenses in the NFL the past four weeks. Seattle's defense can be had. I will admit our offense has struggled but we are basically playing with one wide receiver. If we get any help from Taylor Jacobs or Thrash, everything is changed. Just because the Bucs gave us fits doesn't mean Seattle will. Our defense has one weakness and that is the unknown play of Reynaldo Wynn's replacement. Crowd noise will be tough but that doesn't hurt our defense. If seattle's offense thinks they are going to move up and down the field they have other thing coming to them. Our keys to the game is based around four players Brunell, Jacobs, Springs, and John Hall.

If our offense makes some timely third down conversions and scores when in the Red zone it will be a wonderful day. If not.....

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