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What did you guys do as you patiently waited for Saturday?


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Panning for gold down on the Tar River. JK :silly:

Work, work, more work. Bought and recieved camper shell for truck, new epoxy shortboard, new 543 rip curl fullsuit and accessories, and took a big fat dump.

What a life. Only if there was surf. LOL.

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Talked about stats gleaned from here w/ co workers, cowgirls fans, pretty much anyone who had ears. Raised the spirits of another fan who was starting to believe the media hype. Someone had to give him the truth. Less than 19 hrs to go.....

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. This site makes time go by faster, lol.

Its almost killin me, so much anticipation. :D

Whatd you guys do?





Been working... here... working.. .here.. uh.. I think I slept somewhere.. But it's been a long, long week.

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