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well tommorrow is the big day. i hate that no one around here is giving the redskins any chance of winning. we stopped dallas...twice...stop the giants, and bucs....what else do we have to do to get respect? i guess kick seattles a** , win nfc championship and go to detroit and kick a** and take names.....i guess that alot of these people around here's just jealous that the skins are in and their fav. teams are not.

i hope we can contain alexander, and pressure hasselback into creating turnovers. mark brunnel has to be on his game, and portis needs to be aggressive as always. defense is great, good luck skins!!!! :notworthy :logo:

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we wont get respect until we can "dominate" a team (not that we havent done that). i completely agree with you and share your frustration, but we arent a flashy team, we are a lot like the Patriots were a few years back. VERY STRONG team sense, people step up when needed, nobody showing off, nobody breaking league records, and a QB that minimizes mistakes, doesnt go out gunning. We are a hard nosed team that finds a way to win. We wont get the respect unless we turn into a dynasty, or a flashy team.

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