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Hello all, I'm a long time reader here on extremesksin (if you think 9 months is a long time) but a first time poster. I want to show the media's bias against the skins. Most media people dogged the skins offense and team as a whole because we didn't gain many yards against tampa. I find it interesting that the skins would get criticized for playing it safe against tampa, while it is advised that others do the same in similar situations.:(


Here is an quote from the article above by John Clayton that I think you guys might find interesting: "During the Bears' 13-3 victory over the Panthers in Week 11, the Panthers taught the NFL how not to play Chicago in Soldier Field. The Panthers handed the Bears a 10-0 first-quarter lead by throwing two interceptions on their first three possessions.

When will NFL teams learn? The Bears scored only 260 points this season (16.3 per game). The Bears had only four games in which they scored more than 20 points. But thanks to their great defense, the Bears still won 11 games. They forced 34 turnovers this season and turned them into 105 points. More than 40 percent of their points came off turnovers. In other words, they need turnovers to score points. So why would any opposing team be overly aggressive at the beginning of a game and come out passing? It's almost better to have three-and-outs and fight for field position rather than coming out throwing on third-and-long and trying to jump out to a lead. The Panthers can't spot the Bears 10 points early and expect to win. This game figures to be low-scoring, so the Panthers need to get the game into the fourth quarter leading, or trailing by no more than three points. If the Bears can play with confidence and the lead, they will be hard to beat."

And then he goes on to say: "By keeping the game close early, the Panthers might be able to take advantage of their experience advantage at quarterback. Jake Delhomme is now an experienced playoff quarterback with a 4-1 postseason record. Rex Grossman has played in only eight career games, including just seven career starts. He's thrown only 39 passes this season after returning from a broken ankle in Week 15. The strategy for the Panthers is to keep the game close and hope that Grossman fouls up."

If this wasn't the skins gameplan from a week ago, what was?

I guess what is good for the goose...;)


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